Performing Arts

Highland has a variety of opportunities for students to show their talents and perform.  Many of the various ways to participate include playing an instrument in band or orchestra, singing in the choir or acting in the theater. 

Band and Orchestra

For more information and the calendar please look on the Instrumental & Vocal Music Page.  


Choir has several opportunities including 6th Grade Choir, Concert Choir and Show Choir.  Please look at the Instrumental & Vocal page for more info. The calendar for the choirs is below. 


Highland produces a spring musical with the final production during the first full weekend in May.  The selection for the musical is announced at the end of Trimester 1.

Cast-  Students in 7th and 8th grade who want to be in the cast are encouraged to audition.  Auditions and casting take place at the end of January. Rehearsals for the musical run from February through May. All schedules vary depending on the student's role within the cast or crew.  

Crew- Students in any grade can participate on crew. Meetings for crews begin in February. Crews include: Art , Costume, Set Construction, Lights & Sound, Props, Publicity, and Stage Crew.  

Below you will find the performance and practice dates for the Choruses & the Theater productions. If you are looking for information about Drama club, please look at the Extracurricular page.  

Visit our Spring Musical page for more information.

Talent Show

Highland Middle School has a talent show each year during the winter months.  All students are welcome to participate.  After auditions, the commitment to the Talent Show includes some small practice sessions if necessary, a dress rehearsal and the night of the show!.  Please visit our Talent Show page form more information. 

Choir & Theatre