Buses, Drop-Off & Pick-Up

a line of yellow school buses on both sides of the photo.


Busing is provided by Lakeside Transportation free of charge to students who live further than 1.5 miles from school or must cross a street that the state has identified as hazardous. Busing routes are posted in student PowerSchool accounts shortly before the school year begins.

Students who do not qualify for free busing may purchase busing for the year, payable in advance. Information on the Pay-To-Ride Program can be found on the Student Form page or here.

If you have questions regarding busing, please contact the school office. 

Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop off starts at 8:15am.  The first bell rings at 8:45am.  To avoid the rush of traffic at 8:45, please understand that there are supervisors outside starting at 8:15am, therefore dropping student(s) off early will avoid some of the congestion. 

If you drop off on Oak Street, please do not block residents' driveways.  Make sure your student walks down the sidewalk and crosses the streets with the crossing guard.  

Do not drop off or stop in a crosswalk or in areas marked with diagonal yellow lines.

Appropriate Place to drop off/pick up:

Westbound on Rockland Rd. (heading towards Garfield Ave.)
Oak St.
Garfield Ave.
Northbound on Steward Ave.

Places to NOT drop off/pick up:

Eastbound on Rockland Rd. (heading towards Milwaukee)
On Lincoln Ave. (buses only)
On Circle Dr.
In the parking lot in back of Highland Middle School
In moving traffic on Rockland Road (pull over to curb on north side)

Map of highland as to where to drop off/pick up.


Students are assigned a bus route through the school if they are not within walking distance of the school.  Bus route/stop information can be found on student schedules in PowerSchool.

If you have questions about your student's bus route, contact the  Dean of Students at Highland Middle School.

Lakeside bus company hiring for D70 routes for $2.150 an hour, no experience needed, paid CDL training, call 847-263-7619