Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled in the fall and winter.  Conferences are a great time to be involved. Building a relationship with your student's teacher and opening lines of communication is one way to show that you care and are involved in your student's education. In addition, supporting your student in their education journey will last a life time.  Conferences allow you to hear successes, behavioral issues or learning challenges that our student may be experiencing.  

In the fall, conferences are done in a round-robin format by team.  The team format for fall Parent/Teacher Conferences enables us to meet the needs of more parents.  During your scheduled 25-minute time slot, you will be able to meet individually with teachers.  Cross team teachers will be available and their location for the evening will be posted at all conference locations. Due to the highly structured nature of these conferences, re-scheduling may be difficult, or at times, impossible.  Therefore, it is essential to check your family’s calendars before scheduling it. 

In the winter/spring, conferences are done online in an individual format.  Families are encouraged to sign up for the teachers/classes for which you have questions or concerns. Conference hours will be held in the teachers’ classrooms. Time slots are 10 minutes long, allowing 7 minutes of conferencing and 3 minutes for transitioning to your next conference. If you need additional time with a teacher, you can express that request before leaving your conference. Student attendance is at the discretion of teachers and parents.  As you sign up, please consider specific questions or concerns you might have so the teacher will be able to prepare for the meeting and use the allotted time effectively. Please do not feel obligated to sign up for every teacher each session of office hours.

What happens if the time slots are full for the teacher in which I am trying to schedule?
Please reach out to the teacher to schedule another time or have a phone conversation.

What if I want a different time?
If you would like to schedule a different time and the scheduler is open, you have the ability to reschedule or move the conference as long as you remember which email you signed up for the initial schedule.  If you cannot find another time listed due to your availability, please contact the teacher.  

What if I lost the confirmation email or I am having difficulty registering?
Please contact the school principal

What if I need to communicate with my student's teachers prior to conferences?
Please feel free to email the teacher and set up a time to talk.

Does my student need to come to the conferences? 
Student attendance is at the discretion of teachers and parents

Helpful Family Tips for Conferences