Outdoor Ed

Hello Highland Community,

Highland Middle School is excited to offer our 6th grade students an Outdoor Education field trip for the 2022 school year. This field trip teaches students a variety of survival skills while also incorporating games, team building, and overall wellness. Please read the details below to gather information about this experience. This email includes three forms: one for parents to confirm that their student will be attending, one for parents to inform HMS staff that their student will not be attending, and another form that asks for chaperone volunteers. The chaperone form is not required unless you are interested in helping out.


  • Gold will attend on April 27th. 
  • Maroon will attend on April 28th. 
  • Students may only attend this program on the date their team is attending.


  • The day will begin and end at Highland Middle School. Students will go to Studio One.
  • Students will walk with staff to nearby Nicholas Dowden Park and return to Highland before the end of the school day. 

What to Wear and Bring:

  • Students will be outside for the entire day unless there is lightning. Please check the weather to prepare for the day.  Gym shoes are recommended.  The dress code should be followed.
  • Bring a bag lunch from home and a drink just as you would for a field trip.  Students will be provided a string backpack to carry their lunch with them.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle in addition to their lunch beverage. 
  • Students should bring any epi-pens or inhalers that are medically necessary.  These items will be carried with you. (The nurse will dispense medications that are normally given during the school day.
  • Students should NOT bring any other materials or backpacks.

Requested Forms - Due Friday, April 8

  • Please fill out THIS FORM if your student is attending Outdoor Education

  • Please fill out THIS FORM if your student is NOT attending Outdoor Education

  • Please fill out THIS FORM if you would be interested in chaperoning on April 27th or April 28th.

Thank you for your support,

Angela McCarthy–Outdoor Education Coordinator

Jeanne Klemp–Outdoor Education Assistant Coordinator

Kendall Miller–Assistant Principal

Jon Hallmark–Principal

Nine sticks of with marshmellows over a campfire.
Students doing an activity. They are standing around in a circle.
Students gathering for morning meeting
Students participating in a night activity
Students are hiking on one of the trails
Students learning how to navigate with a compass
Students doing an inside activity at lorado Taft
A view of the gully at Lorado Taft.  Trees have fallen and the path is covered with leaves
Picture of the table set in the dining hall
Students using saws to cut lumber at the pioneering lesson
Students viewing the birds from the bird house
students riding the bus to taft