P.E. Uniforms & Lockers

P.E. Uniforms

P.E. Uniforms are purchased through Sports 11 (Click HERE).  Students are required to have an HMS gym top and HMS mesh shorts.  Other items such as sweatshirts and sweatpants may be purchased as well.  

A maroon shirt with yellow letters that says highland phys ed
Black mesh shorts with the yellow words in the lower right corner saying Highland Phys Ed

P. E. Lockers & P.E. Locks

P.E. classes at Highland Middle School require our students to have a P.E. locker with a P.E. lock.  Once the school year begins, P.E. teachers will assign a P.E. Locker to students.  P.E. locks must be Highland-issued locks and are sold separately.  Students can use an older sibling’s lock if it was issued by Highland Middle School.  HMS issued locks are required as administration must have the ability to get into lockers if needed.  

HMS-issued P.E. locks can be purchased during the Fall Preview or in Student Services after the school year starts.  

Used PE Locks cost $3 and new PE locks cost $6


***Hall lockers at HMS are built-in to the locker.  They are combination locks similar to the PE lock.***